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A Message from our CEO

I Am Beautiful Because (IABB) is a nonprofit organization that supports women and girl who have been victims of child sexual abuse(CSA). Our mission is to educate, empower, and engage survivors through restorative trauma informed care practices and to bring awareness to the community about prevention and intervention. Our organization was founded in 2017 and since then we have served over 400 women and girls in DMV area. Our goal is to provide therapeutic relief to survivors and to further the research that perpetuates the necessity for this type of programming.


Since the beginning of the pandemic there has been an uptick in received calls to the National Sexual Assault hotline. According to their findings 50% of their received calls were from minors; 67% of the minor callers reported their perpetrator was a family member; and 79% of the minor callers reported living in the home with their perpetrator. Which means, as shelter-in-place orders are in place across the country, due to COVID-19, children continue to suffer from unreported abuse in their homes. Therefore, something must be done to put an end to CSA and to address the needs of survivors.


IABB is committed to saving the lives of these children and providing care programs that supports that goal. As IABB continues to grow, our goal is to launch a woman’s wellness center that provides those traumatic response care programs to survivors, their family, and the community through our newly developed trauma recovery programs for women and girls and we need your support to do so.


By donating to our organization your funds will go towards:

  • Launching our women and girls trauma recovery programs

  • Hiring and training expert level Clinicians

  • Providing high level services for participants


A Donation of:

  • $100 will cover the cost of one session for a participant

  • $150 will cover the cost of their seminar kit

  • $1600 will cover the cost of their entire 16 week trauma recovery program


We are strongly committed to saving the lives of children and your support would allow us to graciously do so. 

Thank you

Trenell Eaton, Founder and CEO

Be Bold...

Be Brave...

Be Beautiful...

Join Us...

I Am Beautiful Because... seeks to connect with local agencies and organizations that, holistically,   support women and girls.


 We believe that through community collaborations we can put an end to child sexual abuse by educating and empowering ALL women and girls with Beauty Bootcamps,  and engaging survivors of CSA through restorative mentoring.    Both opportunities creates a safe space for women and girls to disclose any abuse and  to rebuild their self-confidence, self-worth, and self-awareness.  

We are seeking Partnerships with:


Mental Health Agencies

Mentoring Programs 

Educational Agencies  

We are seeking Sponsorship from:

Beauty Products Brands

Skin Care Products Brands 

Hair Care Products Brands

Local Grocery Stores


Youth Organizations 

Women Empowerment Organizations 

We are seeking DONATIONS and VOLUNTEERS! ​





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