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Trenell Eaton is an inspirational leader and passionate champion for trauma recovery and empowerment. As the Founder and CEO of I Am Beautiful Because (IABB), she is deeply committed to supporting high-achieving women and girls on their healing journeys. Trenell's life's mission revolves around helping these remarkable individuals transcend the impact of childhood trauma and embrace their innate beauty and resilience.


Trenell's exceptional accomplishments, extensive educational background, and vast professional experience uniquely position her as a guiding force in the field of trauma recovery and empowerment. Her expertise and compassionate leadership have touched lives on a global scale, reaching IABB clients in Rome and Korea, where she has facilitated transformative healing experiences.


Trenell's unwavering dedication to mental health and trauma recovery has earned her widespread recognition and prestigious accolades, including the esteemed Community Service Award from The Julia West Foundation. She is also celebrated as the author of "Triumphing Over Trauma: Childhood Trauma Recovery Manual," a highly regarded resource that skillfully combines personal insights with practical guidance for trauma survivors.


Trenell's educational journey includes a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Morgan State University. She has further enhanced her expertise with a Master of Jurisprudence degree specializing in Child Law and Policy, providing her with invaluable insights into legal aspects related to children's well-being. Trenell's background as a former psychiatric rehabilitation specialist has offered her a profound understanding of the mental health landscape, enabling her to provide compassionate and effective support to trauma survivors. Additionally, her knowledge in special education policy and delivery has significantly contributed to her holistic approach to healing, effectively addressing the unique needs of individuals who have experienced childhood trauma.


Trauma Recovery Specialist 

Trenell Eaton

Trenell lives by the powerful motto,

"I needed a hero, so I became one." This motto perfectly captures her remarkable personal journey of resilience and unwavering dedication to advocating for survivors of childhood trauma. As a strong believer in faith and a superhero mother to her son, Trenell leverages her own past struggles with homelessness, abuse, and poverty to uplift and empower women and girls across the globe.

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