Meet The Visionary

The seed for I Am Beautiful Because... derived from CEO’s personal experience with child sexual abuse (CSA). 

At the age of nine, Trenell was violated by a perpetrator who she was fond of.  Going untreated, she found herself making destructive decisions and building unhealthy relationships that were not conducive to her well-being.  As she grew older, she began to recognize that her life was being heavily impacted by her abuse. This led her to seek treatment for her own healing and ignited a passion for educating and ministering to women and girls who too have fallen victim of childhood sexual abuse. Her goal is to raise awareness about the epidemic and provide meaningful solutions for survivors. 

“I needed a hero so I became one,” is the motto that she lives by. Through her spiritual journey Trenell discovered that her story was parallel to so many other women and girls.  In understanding this, she is often reminded that she has a gift that is waiting to be delivered to the hands of another survivor. This of which is her greatest motivation and therefore she continues to reach and provide guidance for women and girls who are survivor of sexual trauma.

I feel there is purpose in my story, and I have to make it bigger than me.” -Trenell Eaton

Trenell Eaton,

 is a woman of God first and a superhero mother to one son.  Born and partially raised in the District of Columbia, Trenell developed a resilience to her childhood traumas.  Despite her shortcomings she was able to overcome adversity having survived through multiple episodes of homelessness, abuse, and poverty.  Instead of falling victim to statistical outcomes she decided that she would use her plights to build herself and to become a voice for women and girls all over the world.

Trenell has a Bachelors degree in Sociology and her Masters of Jurisprudence in Child Law and Policy from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law.  Currently she manages special education schools for the DC Public Schools and serves as an advocate for children in her community.  In addition, Trenell founded a non-profit organization I Am Beautiful Because, a woman’s awareness organization that supports women and girls who have been victims of child sexual abuse.  The seed for I Am Beautiful Because was planted from her own person experience with child sexual abuse.  

"I needed a hero so,

I became one"

Jennifer Nwachukwu

Jennifer Nwachukwu, Esq. is a champion for social justice and a public servant. She is committed to using her skills, talents, and resources to improving our society one person at a time. Jennifer obtained her law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law and her undergraduate degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When Jennifer is not working as a civil rights lawyer, she enjoys reading, cooking, mentoring, and spending time with her friends and family.

Meet the Board

I Am Beautiful Because... Board Members are committed to executing the mission of the organization.  They are trained and versed in Trauma Informed Care and  obtain an extensive background in serving youth and the community.

Maurice Thornton

Maurice Thornton is an educator and life coach who has impacted youth through mentorship. He aims to be a positive presence in every capacity that he serves in and is a solution-oriented leader. Currently, Maurice teaches life skills courses at T.C. Williams High School and operates as the head of player development for athletics. In this role, he uses health and wellness techniques to help athletes realize their full potential both on and off the field. Maurice is a trusted advisor and board member of I Am Beautiful Because, and works to ensure that the organization flourishes.

Donica Adesokan

Donica Adesokan, Born in Chicago Illinois is a wife and a mother.  At a young age she realized her passion for working with children and decided at that moment that she was interested in Psychology.  Donica has a Bachelor’s Degree in University Studies with a Concentration in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling.  Donica has worked with the state of Georgia as a Child Protective Services Investigator and within in this field she vowed that her mission was to make sure that no child would ever experience hurt and pain.  Donica, has also provided counseling and therapy services to young girls who were admitted into residential treatment for substance abuse, physical/sexual abuse and mental health disorders.  Donica currently works with Special Needs children for the District of Columbia as a Program Specialist.  Her motto in life is: “You are not your abuse and survivor is not who you are but what you have always been”.