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“I needed a hero so I became one,” is the motto that she lives by.


Trenell is a woman of God first and a superhero mother to her son.  Born and partially raised in the District of Columbia, Trenell developed a resilience to her childhood traumas.  Despite having experienced multiple episodes of homelessness, abuse, and poverty she has been able to triumph over her trauma.  Instead of falling victim to statistical outcomes, she decided that she would use her plights to become a voice for women and girls all over the world.


Through her spiritual journey, Trenell discovered that her story was parallel to so many other women and girls.  In understanding this, she is often reminded that she has a gift that is waiting to be delivered to the hands of other survivors. That thought is her greatest motivator as she continues to guide women and girls through their survival journey. 

The seed for I Am Beautiful Because... derived from the CEO’s personal experience with child sexual abuse (CSA). At the age of nine, Trenell was violated at the hands of a close family member.  Going untreated from her abuse, she found herself making destructive decisions and building unhealthy relationships that did not lead to healthy adulthood outcomes.  Later in life, she recognized that her poor decision making had a direct correlation to her abuse as it began to show up in all aspects of her adulthood. This awareness led her to seek treatment for her own healing and ignited a passion for educating and ministering to women and girls who too have fallen victim of childhood sexual abuse. Her goal is to bring forth healing to survivors of childhood trauma.


Trenell has a Bachelors degree in Sociology from Morgan State University and her Masters of Jurisprudence in Child Law and Policy from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law.  Currently she manages special education schools for the DC Public Schools and serves as an advocate for children in her community.  Lastly, Trenell founded I Am Beautiful Because which is a seed planted from her own personal experience with child sexual abuse.  She knows that there are so many others just like her waiting to experience trauma recovery and post traumatic growth.



Trauma Recovery Specialist 

Trenell Eaton

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