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IABB can fulfill several crucial needs for businesses and organizations that work with female child abuse survivors or have a vested interest in the healing and well-being of this population. Here are some solutions and needs that IABB can address: 


Specialized Trauma Recovery Services: IABB offers trauma recovery services tailored specifically for women and girls who are survivors of childhood abuse. Businesses can partner with IABB to provide their clients or employees access to specialized support, ensuring survivors receive the care they need. 


Enhanced Employee Well-being: Companies that prioritize employee well-being may partner with IABB to offer trauma recovery programs to their female employees who are survivors of childhood abuse. This can improve overall employee mental health and job satisfaction. 


Community Impact: Partnering with IABB demonstrates a commitment to community well-being and support for survivors. This can enhance a business's reputation and social impact, which may be important for organizations seeking to build strong community ties. 


Client Support: Businesses that serve clients or customers who are survivors of childhood abuse can partner with IABB to offer additional resources and support. This can lead to more holistic and effective service delivery. 


Education and Awareness: IABB can collaborate with businesses to provide educational resources and training on trauma recovery and its impact on women and girls. This can help organizations become more trauma-informed and better serve their clients or employees. 


Collaborative Initiatives: By partnering with IABB, businesses can participate in collaborative initiatives aimed at addressing the broader issues related to childhood trauma and abuse. This can lead to innovative solutions and a more comprehensive approach to healing. 


Empowerment and Growth: IABB's programs focus on helping survivors find strength and resilience within themselves. Businesses can support these programs to empower survivors, helping them overcome their past and reach their full potential. 


Access to Expertise: IABB brings expertise in trauma recovery and healing. Businesses can tap into this knowledge to improve their services or support programs for survivors. 


Ultimately, partnering with IABB can help businesses fulfill their social responsibility, enhance the well-being of their clients or employees, and contribute to the healing and empowerment of women and girls who are survivors of childhood abuse. It's a mutually beneficial collaboration that addresses a critical need in the community while promoting the goals and values of these organizations. 


1. Trauma-Informed Workplace Training

This package includes workshops and training sessions for businesses looking to create trauma-informed workplaces. It covers understanding trauma, recognizing signs, and implementing supportive policies. 


Key Benefits:

  • Helps businesses create a safe and understanding work environment, reducing trauma-related challenges among employees. 



  • Trauma-informed workshops 

Customized workplace policies 

Employee resource materials 

2. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Enhancement

Enhance your existing EAP with trauma recovery support. Provide employees access to IABB's trauma recovery specialists and resources. 


Key Benefits:

  • Improves employee mental health, well-being, and job satisfaction, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. 



  • Access to IABB's trauma recovery programs 

  • Dedicated support for employees 

  • Educational resources for HR departments 

3. Community Partnership

Collaborate with IABB to support the community. Partner with us to sponsor trauma recovery programs for women and girls in need. 


Key Benefits:

  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility and make a significant impact on the lives of survivors. 



  • Co-branded community programs 

  • Social impact recognition 

  • Opportunities for employee engagement 

4. Leadership Development

Help your female leaders reach their full potential by providing access to trauma recovery programs. Develop resilient, empowered leaders. 


Key Benefits:

  • Empower your female leadership team and enhance their effectiveness. 



  • Leadership-focused trauma recovery programs 

  • Executive coaching 

  • Leadership seminars and workshops 

5. Wellness Program Enhancement

Enhance your wellness program by adding trauma recovery services for employees who are survivors of childhood abuse. 


Key Benefits:

  • Promote mental health and well-being among your workforce. 



  • Trauma recovery resources 

  • Support groups 

  • Wellness program integration 

6. Client Support Integration


If your business serves clients who are survivors of childhood abuse, partner with IABB to provide additional support and resources. 


Key Benefits:

  • Improve your client services and show your commitment to their well-being. 



  • Access to IABB's trauma recovery services 

  • Collaborative initiatives 

  • Educational resources for staff 

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