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As adult women we have gone through life and have experienced some things that have heavily impacted our ability to fully gain value of self.  We work, we're moms, we cook, and clean, all while walking through life carrying the burdens of our childhood. All of this leads to a feeling of depletion and uncertainty of who were are and what we were created to do. 


Beauty Bootcamp is a four-hour 
mentoring workshop for women and girls of all ages, that empowers participants to engage themselves in workshops that help them to discover their inner beauty, despite life's shortcomings with trauma. During these workshops we do activities that help to identify your authentic self through both self and minor trauma exploration.  Then we follow up with healthy coping strategies such a Zumba, hair and skin care, financial development, etc. 


Beauty Bootcamps teaches women and girls the importance of  self care and showering one's self with love  while going through life with the burden of trauma.




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